SAHOS Power FC 9000 CNC

 Service range of the centre: length 9m, width 3m, height 2m

  • Heavy solid portal
  • Five-axle continuous control, control system Heidenhain iTNC 530
  • Headstock engine 18 kW 24000rev/min, fixture HSK F63
  • Fixturing in clamps, grips or special patterns
  • 10 positions of automatic tool change
  • Independent linear admeasure

Machining range:

axle x
axle y
axle z

9000 mm
3000 mm
2000 mm

Accuracy of repeated access:

axle x, y, z

axle A, C

0,05 mm
0,05 mm


The powerful BRAXL gantry machining centre and its rigid structure of the upper gantry design guarantee high dynamics and precision of machining.

Service range of the centre: lenght 3m, width 2,5m, height 2m

Control system Heidenhain iTNC 530


BRAS compact 3-axis machining centre is designed for surface milling and drilling.

It can be used in particular in the machining of models, moulds, plate materials and wherever precision and productive machining of plastics, composites, aluminium alloys or similar materials is required.

Haas UMC 750: 5-AXIS Vertical Machine Center

  • versatile 5-axis 40-taper vertical machining center
  • 762 x 559 x 508 mm travels
  • 630 x 500 mm table
  • integrated dual-axis trunnion table – trunnion provides +35 and -110 degrees of tilt and 360 degrees of rotation for excellent tool clearance
  • 8100-rpm inline direct-drive spindle


HAAS ST-10 is a small CNC Lathe with 56 x 406 mm work area,

  • A2-5 spindle
  • 165 mm chuck which are driven by 11.2 kW vector drive at maximum 6000 rpm
  • Lathe equiped with 12-station VDI/Bott-on hybrid turret and tailstock.

Chuck Size

165 mm

Max Cutting Diameter 

305 mm

Max Cutting Length 

406 mm

Bar Capacity

44 mm

X Axis

200 mm

Z Axis

406 mm


  • 12-station base mount turret (BMT65)
  • Y-axis milling, drilling, and tapping

Bar Capacity, Maximum speed

76 mm, 3400-rpm

Maximum Cutting Diameter

381 mm

Maximum Cutting Length 

826 mm

Y-Axis Models, Axis Travels (X,Y,Z)

239 mm, 101 mm, 826 mm