Our operation is focused on job-order model manufacture, single-part production, lot production and trimming plastics and metals.

It is possible to use the machine for production of form workpieces

  • Patterns for laminating and stamping
  • Foundry patterns
  • Forms for air-assist forming, foam filling of plastics and moulding of recycled foamed polyurethan
  • Models and patterns for automotive field and aircraft industry
  • Mock-ups of engineering components in required scale
  • Trimming plastics
  • Trimming furniture components
  • Machining of aluminum alloy castings

Non-metallic materials

  • Piedroit out of hard and soft wood
  • Hard as well as soft wood
  • Block materials  ased on polyurethan and  poxy made by producers Rampf, SIKA, Ebalta and others
  • Hard foam polyurethan of diverse density
  • Compressed paper in plates or glued blocks
  • Foam polystyrene, foam rubber
  • ABS plastic and others

Machined Alloys

  • Aluminum
  • Stainless Steel
  • Copper
  • Titanium
  • Plastics and Polymers

Next services

  • Elaboration of 3D full parametric models, volume and surface models by means of SW SolidWorks according to input data from customer
  • Graphic visualization of work for presentation use
  • Digitizing of 3D models
  • Production of intermediate products for machining
  • Surface finish of workpieces